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READING OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: Chairwoman Tanya Farmer read the minutes from last month’s meeting. A motion was made to correct the minutes as followed. The Judge was named Joan Gamble not Carol. The correct word after Fire Marshall’s Report is none not noned. The motion was seconded. The motion carried.

CHIEF’S REPORT: Chief Farmer stated that there were 29 calls in the month of July. There were 19.6 manpower hours. Chief Farmer stated that there was 1 fatal car accident around 790 Blue Hills Avenue. Hartford Police department pursued the vehicle, which later crashed. There is an ongoing investigation regarding this incident. Items for the July 13, 2016 were called in RFP meeting with the Town by the finance officer and cabinet of …show more content…

FIRE MARSHALL’S REPORT: Please refer to Fire Marshall Lewis’ monthly paper report for details.
TRAINING REPORT: Chief Farmer stated there will be A Pump Operator Apparatus Class in October 2016.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Bartley stated the District’s finances are in a good position.
HOUSE CAPTAIN’S REPORT: Captain Nelson stated he has been working on the sign out front of headquarters. The Town of Bloomfield will remove the roots of the two bushes out in front of the sign, before adding lighting.
SAFETY OFFICER’S REPORT: Chief Farmer stated to review the policy for Driving SCBA

COMMUNITY OUTREACH REPORT: Firefighter Jaunai stated the Internship 6 week program started July 5, 2016 was successful. They graduated August 15, 2016 at Headquarters. The interns received an invitation to attend the Town Council meeting on September 12, 2016. The District was invited to the back to school fair. August 20th at the Leisure Services. Firefighter Jaunai thanked all the members who attended. Board of Commissioner AMJ-. CREC School fire safety week highlights for the 65 students was the fire truck coming. A list of supplies was giving to Chief Farmer to order for the fire Safety …show more content…

Chief Farmer stated the application is 4 pages long, then a background check for a clean record. Meet with Officers regarding the incentives of becoming a firefighter. There are steps the volunteer firefighter have to follow prior to becoming a firefighter. Do the District have backup generators? Yes at all 3 Stations. Jacqueline Massey-Greene approached the Board members. A letter was read by Donna Banks to the Board of Commissioners’ and Chief Farmer. Anne Wall had 4 questions. The previous minutes that were read I did not hear the date July 7, 2016. The August meeting was cancelled. Anne Wall did not hear anything about the By Laws. What is the status? Chairman Farmer stated they have not been written. What is the intent? Commissioner Ariel Marzouca-Jaunai stated the District have not done anything yet. What is the procedure for the house across the street. That is not a District matter, but a backroom issue. Social Club incorporated with the Fire District. Jannette Manson wanted to know why the tax payers paying for firefighter bonuses, who determines who get what. Credit cards for gas allowance, purchases are being done, but not completed. Union violations, Chief and Assistant Chief. What will happen with the Treasurer who no longer lives in Bloomfield? The term for the treasurer’s position ends June 30th 2017. Anyone is more

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