Rewards and Difficulties for Working High School Students

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What are the pros and cons of working high school students? Today’s teenagers want higher dollar items such as electronics to high dollar fashion items that are trending. According to the bureau of labor statistics about “forty one percent of high school freshmen work during the school year or the following summer, compared to sixty five percent of sophomore’s seventy nine percent for juniors, and eighty seven percent for seniors”(bureau of labor). Working anytime during high school can be difficult and at the same time very rewarding. Working at any time during high school can be popular and at the same time it’s not for everyone. The student must understand their motive for working as well as their own capabilities, options, and limits when considering taking a job. Now let me cover the pros of a high school student working while in high school. A part time job can teach a student real life skills they will need in their future when they move out on their own. It can teach them responsibility as well as money management. If the student picks and gets a job anywhere close to their career goals it can give them a head start on that career. It can also help them realize what kind of career they may want, and possibly if that part time job is one they thought they wanted to do and discover they truly don’t like it and then start to re think what they really want and like to do. Of course a working high school student will learn the value of money by being able to purchase items they want such as new fashions and new electronic gadgets. A job would allow them to do things with their friends such as movies and dinners without having to ask for money from their parents. It could allow them to start their own savings account for their ... ... middle of paper ... ... on a high school student working I would say for one not the freshman or sophomore year during the school year. Working during their senior year during the school year would all be dependent on their grades and maturity levels of being able to handle the extra responsibility and work. Student need to enjoy the chance they have at not being required to work to live and survive, they need to enjoy their life as a young adult before they get in the everyday hum drum work life. I have seen and heard of people who have started work as myself as a high school student and realized a lot of thing missed at the school level and such, there is no going back and getting a do over after you are done in high school. Works Cited Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. The Editor's Desk. 2003. 27 feburary 2014 .
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