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Small Bite-Size Pieces Breaking things down into small bite-sized pieces can help you create a mindset for completing tasks. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to do an entire project on our own and end up getting stuck because there is too much work to do. Breaking things down into smaller pieces will help you get them done faster. You can eat the cake or you can try to eat a piece of cake. Your brain is the same way when dealing with large projects. Completing small jobs at first will help you get to the bigger jobs. Rewards Program Make sure to enroll in a rewards program to congratulate yourself after a job well done. You do not have to literally apply for a rewards credit card per se, but you can give yourself positive felicitations. When you complete large and difficult tasks, it is time to relax by going to the refrigerator and get some delicious to eat. Do not eat too much because the fullness can hinder productivity by causing you to go to sleep. Moreover, watch what you eat because certain foods can decrease your energy to an extremely relaxed state. You do not want this yet until you have finished the entire project. When you finish a large project for the day, then order some restaurant food. This will give you a much-needed extra energy boost, but do it after completing your tasks, not before. Giving yourself positive rewards after completing major tasks will help keep you going. Once you start rewarding yourself, other people will as well. Eat Breakfasts People underestimate the power of eating a well-balanced breakfast. It is called breakfast for a reason. It is breaking a fast from the night before with food that will give you a much-needed energy boost. Of course, you need to eat lunch and dinner after breakf... ... middle of paper ... ...very important in letting us know the potential danger that could hurt us. Balance: You can stay balanced in your mind while meditating and aligning your spirit when doing yoga. Find a calming environment and study there. Study spirituality and religion to get in tune your higher self and God. On the scientific side, study Quantum Physics to see what this world is really about from a scientific standpoint. Temperature: When the temperature rises, it affects our ability to learn. When the temperature is comfortable, everything flourishes. There is something special about the sun that help us in this. Maybe it is because we receive Vitamin A from it. When it gets cold outside, it is time to bundle up with frustration. That is why kids probably do not like going to school in the winter. Google information about (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder to learn more about this.

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