Rewards For A Rewards Program

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Make sure to enroll in a rewards program to congratulate yourself after a job well done. You do not have to literally apply for a rewards credit card per se, but you can give yourself positive felicitations. When you complete a large and difficult task, it is time to relax by going to the refrigerator and getting something delicious to eat. Do not eat too much because the fullness can hinder productivity by causing you to fall asleep from extreme relaxation. Moreover, watch what you eat because certain foods can decrease your energy to an extremely relaxed state. You do not want this to happen yet until you have finished the entire project. When you finish a large project for the day, then order some restaurant food as this will give you a much-needed extra energy boost, but do it after completing your tasks, not before. Giving yourself positive rewards after completing major tasks will help keep you going. Once you start rewarding yourself, other people will as well. Eat Breakfasts People underestimate the power of eating a well-balanced breakfast. It is known as “breakfast” for a reason; it breaks a fast from the night before with food that will give you a much-needed energy boost. Of course, you need to eat lunch and dinner after breakfast, but the first meal of the day is very important. You do not want to eat lunch without eating breakfast first because you are putting food on top of burned-out energy. Your drained energy is making your body hungry for more. People make the mistake of not eating breakfast because they are rushing out the house in the morning, but it only takes at least 5 minutes to get something to eat that will help jumpstart the day. Eating a sufficient breakfast will prevent any strain and burned out feeli... ... middle of paper ... .... Things would change drastically. Remember the movie “Limitless” '? This movie is about pushing your brain beyond its limits and using it to carry out amazing feats. Just imagine if you had the car, house, business, and everything else you wanted just by using mind power. Millionaires and billionaires understand this power and uses it daily. Plenty of successful people talk about the act of pushing your brain further for desirable results and even offer advice on how to do it. Pick up a few of their books, read them and become successful. Pushing yourself beyond the so-called “limits” that we put on ourselves will result in a life that is worth living. Spank Yourself No, not in a kinky way, but in a good way. If you do not complete a task, you could punish yourself and vow not to make the same mistake again. This method works best depending on how sensitive you are.

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