Revolutionary War Dbq Essay

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The American Revolution occurred at a time when Great Britain was broke. After the French and Indian war, Britain had about 135 million dollars in debt. This was a major factor of the cause of the American Revolution. The American Revolution was a war between the colonists and the British. This war was not avoidable whatsoever. First, the taxes that the British imposed created tension in the Colonies. The Boston Massacre only raised these tensions. Other events such as the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Concord did not improve these tensions and created a bigger rift between the Colonists and the Redcoats. In the light of the money crisis that Great Britain was going through, they decided to tax the Colonists. The first tax was
They believe this because the Colonists sent “The Olive Branch Petition”. This was when the Colonists apologized and said they did not want to have a war. Source G states, “We therefore beseech your majesty….” Beseech means to beg or request and this shows that they asked for forgiveness. While this may be true, King George the Third did not accept “The Olive Branch Petition”. He completely disregarded it and most definitely did not accept their apology. He allowed his men to harm anyone who took part in any more acts of “treason”. “Treason” was classed as participating in uprisings or fighting against the Redcoats, and the King did not want any of this. This shows why The American Revolution was unavoidable. The American Revolution had many causes. These were unavoidable acts and played key roles in the unofficial beginning of the American Revolution. The taxing of the Colonists started to raise tensions, and the Boston Massacre only heightened them. Both of these events were unavoidable and could not be stopped. “The Olive Branch Petition” extended a hand of peace, but King George the Third denied it. Consequently, The American Revolution was completely and utterly
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