Revolutionary War Dbq

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The American Revolution was fought in the late 1700s between Great Britain and American Colonies over their right for independence. The Colonists took advantage of fighting in a well-known region and were driven by their longing for independence. Their most important move was their much needed alliance with France. At first France only supplied little things such as money, munitions, tents and uniforms until later Benjamin Franklin, spent a great deal of time in France persuading King Louis XIV to obligate itself completely to America. Not only did the French aid the American colonies with supplies but also by engaging with Britain In other areas of the world. The American colonies knew they would need extra aid to fight against the British.…show more content…
First The Treaty of Alliance also known as the Franco-American treaty which established a military affiliation between France and the United States in case of attack by the British. Secondly, The Treaty of Amity and Commerce which established strong trade agreements between France and the United States. Both these treaties formed both peace and friendship between The United States and France. The French decided to support the U.S. in its military pains until the U.S. had complete freedom from the British. Following that, the treaty obligated France and the U.S. to work mutually on any peace union. The American win at Saratoga was a key point in the war for freedom; it helped in persuading France to come into the war as an ally of the United…show more content…
First off to help the American colonies to achieve their independence second, drive out the British from the West Indies and third to persuade the British to place a good number of their military force into the English Channel. One more important goal that the French had was to severely weaken Britain, which was good because the French was more ready and prepared than the British was. Some goals of the American colonies was to become fully self-governed, maintain equal rights for all and establish a rule of law and lastly to free themselves of
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