Revolutionary Act Toward Independece

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America’s history changed when the 13 colonies decided to become independent from Great Britain. Many incidents took place for America to achieve its independence from Great Britain. A revolution had to occur before Great Britain saw that its power over America was no longer accepted. The people in America suffered because of the way parliament was applying its laws and taxation over the colonies. The colonists had to make a choice to live in a society where the King could decide their future without knowing their issues, or to represent themselves as an independent colony and release their ties from Great Britain. There were three major causes of action in history that lead America toward revolution and independence against Great Britain. These were the Stamp Act, the Coercive Act, and the pamphlet Common Sense by Thomas Paine. The first cause that started the revolution between America and Great Britain was the Stamp Act of 1765. It was an act that was devised by George Grenville to gain revenue from the colonies. The British Parliament passed the Stamp Act on March 22, 1765. The stamp act placed taxes on businesses or import related documents, for instance, ships papers, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, and even playing cards. Parliament believed that since the British people had been living with taxes for many years, they would just accept it and not revolt against it. Furthermore, parliament also believed that since British armies were protecting America’s interests they should have American support from their colonies. The tax collected was to be used by the British troops to help pay the cost of defending and protecting the American frontier. Consequently, the people did not have the same views as parliament... ... middle of paper ... ...hough the King and Parliament put great strain on the colonies such as the Stamp Act and the Coercive Acts the people fought back. They protested, rioted, and even boycotted British items to make a stand against the power of Parliament. In the end Common Sense united the people and the colonies to choose to be self-independent from Britain. To me the greatest factor that brought against the separation of Great Britain was the Stamp Act. It made the people realize that the king was deceiving them into paying taxes and noticing that the punishments put on them where too harsh. But in end they united to defeat the over rule of the King. Works Cited Norton, M. B. (2012). A people & a nation: A history of the United States. Paine, T. (2012).Common sense (1st ed.). Atlanta: The Electronic Books Foundation. Retrieved from
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