Revolts Against Judeo-Christian Religion of the West

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In the period of history in which we are living, there is a very strong element of revolt. Revolt against all established institutions. This is good, as those established institutions are, for the most part, extremely oppressive of human personal liberty, and human freedom of thought. People are rightly perceiving all forms of government as basically more interested in their own power and profit than they are in the people they supposedly represent. People are tired of having their own futures and the futures of their children put at risk by the insane scramble for power among those who hold the reins of the various governments all over the planet. People are fearsome at seeing the environment put at extreme risk by corporate greed in partnership with government. Among the most important of these revolts has been one against established religions, and particularly the Judeo-Christian Religion of the West. It is that aspect of the planet-wide revolt that is the primary subject of this essay. Human beings being what they are, and possessing a really strong "urge-to-religion" or "urge -to-believe", and an even stronger "urge to have someone else be responsible for them", much of this revolt against religion, is itself in the form of a religious phenomenon. One of the most wide-spread forms this revolution has taken is the adoption of religions and belief systems that are perceived as victims of the Judeo-Christian culture. And so, we have many people today who consider themselves to be practitioners of religions they believe to be pre-cursors to the Judeo Christian culture. They call themselves "Pagans" and or "Wiccans". Unfortunately, while they are good people and harmless, they are misguided in their beliefs, and in some ways, their beliefs are dictated by the views of the dominant Judeo-Christian Culture. For the very word "Pagan" is a pejorative, a word of contempt used by the Roman Military for civilians (and specifically "rustic" civilians), and then picked up by the earliest Christian converts who considered themselves to be "Militi-Christi" or "Soldiers of Christ". Basically, in our society, the only true definition of the meaning of "Pagan" is that the person who identifies themselves in that fashion is not a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, or any other mainstream religion, but conversely that they are neither an atheist nor an agnostic but a person who is a believer. They believe themselves

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