Reviewing my Smart Measure Test Scores

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Reviewing my SmartMeasure Test scores I am surprised to know, my study strategy is logical. And according with the results, it also reports that visual, physical, social, and verbal are also a high percentage of my learning strengths. Solitary and aural are the lowest percentage, which mean they are a weakness. I need to work harder on studying longer for shorter periods of time. The reason I think studying longer but having many interruptions helps more is because you get a break in the material and you come back 10- 20 minutes later and test yourself. You still study but, the idea is to learn it not overwhelm yourself the night before. I have tried this in many occasions and it always seems to work. I need to get back into the game and think of other ways of studying now that I know my strengths and weaknesses in my strategies. I am open to try new strategies to study and grow my weaknesses to become strengths. One strategy that has almost never improved is aural. I could listen and catch important information but, what I cannot is remember anything else, sometimes I have to ...

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