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National Solar Mission

Introduction: National solar mission is an endeavour of government of India and state governments to provide alternative renewable energy source which is very vital for sustainable growth and development of country. This will be also very helpful in combating global greenhouse effect. National solar mission is the national action plan inaugurated prime minister on 2008. National action plan advocates use of solar energy as alternative renewable energy source because it is easily and abundantly available throughout pan India due to being a tropical country. National solar mission also looked as measure in providing energy secured future. Programme also aim to suggest and provide integrated institutional planning for solar power generations in rural area and adoptions of creative approaches in solar lighting distribution through local and panchayat like institutions.

Importance and relevance of solar energy in India:

India is blessed with ample solar energy available which in turn can produce 5000 trillion KWS power by having average 300 sunny days per year and solar insolation of 4-7 kWh per Sq. m per day. Thus efficient trapping of solar energy could provide an alternative to fossil fuel dependent energy production. With increase in demand for power, now private sector has also started to invest in solar power due to better technological maturity and cost competitiveness. Technology for transforming solar radiation energy into both heat and electricity can harness solar energy effectively and have huge potential in scaling up power production. As there is positive correlation between energy requirement and GDP of the country, solar energy can address energy deficit in demand by both Off-Grid power supply ...

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...lopment to the country.

Climate compatible development can be achieved through only by looking to trade-off between these triple strategies, which makes all strategy sides balanced i.e. Solar roof top is used for off-grid solar power generation where land availability is problem. Solar energy has just started his journey to provide greener energy, Thus Climate compatible development through solar energy is still long way to go for India.

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