Review of the Adopt an Animal Program at the Australia Zoo

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Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to review the appropriateness of ‘Adopt an Animal’, a special offer of Australia Zoo, for a target segment.
Zoological and Botanical Garden Industry is supposed to generate $975.8 million in 2013-2014. The major players of this industry are:
 Merlin Entertainments (Australia) Pty Ltd,
 Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales, and
 Zoological Parks and Gardens Board
Australia Zoo is a private company held by Steve Irwin which has more than 100 species on display. It is affected by organization and competitorforces from micro environment, also, economic and natural forces from macro environment.
The strategy for Australia Zoo is to provide different products to different customers. It target on domestic visitors by providing better service of adopting an animal in order to compete with other companies.

Executive Summary 1
1.0 Introduction 3
1.1 Background 3
1.2 Purpose 3
1.3 Scope 3
1.4 Assumptions 3
1.5 Limitations 3
2.0 Background information 4
2.1 Industry identification 4
2.2 Microenvironment 5
2.3 Macroenvironment 6
3.0 Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning and Differentiation 7
3.1 Segmentation 7
3.2 Targeting 8
3.3 Positioning and Differentiation 8
4.0 Target Segment 9
5.0 Conclusion 9
6.0 Reference List 10

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
Australia Zoo is a 1500-acre zoo with over 500 staff located in the state of Queensland owned by Steve Irwin. It was first opened in 1970 by Steve’s parents under the name of ’Beerwah Reptile and Fauna Park‘(Australia Zoo, 2013). Today, Australia Zoo has become the biggest and the best wildlife conservation facility in Australia.
1.2 Purpose
This report is aim to review the appropriateness of ‘Adopt an Animal’, ...

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...ological needs to self-actualization needs (Kotler, Burton, Deans, Brown &Armstrong, 2013). The main target segment of Australia Zoo may be domestic customers aiming to satisfy their social needs. It can be seen from IBIS Report (2013) that 26% revenue of zoos are earned from domestic visitors while only 8% from international visitors. Many of domestic customers are busying with work or study. This characteristic makes them have bigger desire of social needs. Australia Zoo is more than a place to gain family togetherness and companionship. By adopting an animal, customers can also satisfy their social needs, like sense of belonging and love.
5.0 Conclusion
As a conclusion, the offer of ‘Adopt an Animal’ helps Australia Zoo satisfy target audience’s needs and maximum their profit. Customers not only can make a difference for the animals but also get what they want.

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