Review of a Library and Information Science Periodical

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In this review, I will discuss the basic information and content of the Journal of Information Science. This journal began its illustrious life in 1979, and since then it has been birthed from the loins of its publisher, SAGE Publications on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, on a bimonthly basis. All of its issues are available for perusal in both electronic and print form; it has not gone by any other name, so any and all information science information seekers out there can find it with the greatest of ease. If absolute simplicity in searching is paramount, its International Standard Serial number is 0165-5515. Should one find themselves wanting to purchase this distinguished academic journal, he or she should be willing to pay the meager $93 for an individual print subscription or the reasonable sum of $692 for the backfile, electronic, and print editions. Upon purchasing or merely perusing this resource, the mission and editorial policy will become clear. From the SAGE website: The Journal seeks to achieve a better understand...
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