Review of Two Articles on the Impact of Globalization in Developing Countries

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This paper strives to examine the key concept of globalization as it affects developing countries. It is a review of two articles; the first titled “The limits of globalization in the early modern world” by De Vries(2010), while the other article is titled” could developing countries take the benefit from globalization?”by Hartungi(2006). The two articles are similar in that they highlight the negative impact of globalization on developing countries but contrast on scope of study and evolution of globalization in general. This paper will critically analyze these 2 articles to provide a better understanding of this phenomenon. They will also highlight how industrialized countries have contributed to the developing countries in other to catch up with globalization as well as the consequences it has brought.

Hartungi(2006) talks about globalization as a wide term used in many different contexts in the literature, its impacts on developing nations, its benefits and shortcomings. As regards to its shortcoming, he made some discussions on how infant industries can be protected and problems involved with globalization can be reduced. He focused on the impacts of globalization on four main areas, namely trade and industry, labor and employment, intellectual property rights and lastly the environment as a whole. He argued that the economic developments in developing countries are both influenced by both global and domestic polices set up by the global community. He also looked at globalization from five points of views which are : financial, economists ,demographics, general and many points of views .They all agreed that the term globalization is “ a series of increasing connectivity, where goods, services and people are conveyed acros...

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...Europe and Asia as his case study which are developed and developing countries using them as a basis of a general assumption for his findings.

In conclusion, the articles make interesting points about a subject that is both relevant and important, but tend to be biased in ignoring the possible benefits of globalization to developing countries.

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