Review of Stokers Siding's Community Hall

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Our project was about Stokers Siding’s community hall, also known as Stokers Siding/ Dundible hall along its centennial history. The aim was to compile the social narrative, analyze how Stokers Siding’s villagers think about this hall, and find out how the hall fits into the community’s strategic plan.
Our group wants to make a timeline for Stokers Siding’s community hall, including when it was built, its different turning points, the activities that had been held there, and how the village residents think about it. A number of materials were used for this project, including books on Stokers Siding, online articles, stock photos, recently captured photos and videos, and personal interviews. The materials were combined into a media-rich digital timeline about the place. Every team member helped each other with gathering materials, communicating the council members and making a detailed outline for the project. However, overall, I found myself focusing more on the hall’s place within the community.
Built in 1912, the community hall had been a place for all residents to celebrate many joyful occasions, including games, parties, weddings, dances, music, play and even silent movies since the beginning of the last century (Langridge, 1988). Except for a brief period during the 1960s, when it was less used due to reparation, the hall remained a social place for the community. It was not only a place for entertainment and recreation, but also a place for villagers to socialize with each other. People would bring food, cook together and have an afternoon tea together. It was a place for “real country style” community bond (Harwood in Langridge, 1988).
At present days, the hall is still a social hub at Stokers Siding with a number of events...

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...strengthen the community bond when organizing the events. It should listen to the wish and preference of the villagers to tailor-make the activities to suit the needs of Stokers Siding’s people. The activities can be held anywhere around the village, but if the committee focuses to hold activities solely at the hall, it can make the hall a prominent, affined social hub for all residents.
Conclusively, by compiling all the materials to make a social narrative of Stokers Siding’s community hall, we found that for more than a hundred years, the hall has served as a place for recreation, entertainment and socialization for the residents. To strengthen the community bond even more, it was proposed that the hall should be renovated, and more activities for the residents should be held there, so as the hall can continues to resonates the happiness of Stokers Siding’s life.

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