Review of Carlo Goldoni´s The Foxy Widow

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The UIC Theater presented Carlo Goldoni’s The Foxy Widow directed by Paola Coletto. The Foxy Widow is set in the 18th century in Venice, Italy; where Rosaura, a widow, is seeking a suitable match so she can be a widow again someday. After spending most of her youth on an arranged marriage with an old wealthy man, Rosaura searched for “true” love with no boundaries and make up for lost time with a young man instead. After a party, four young men had fallen for the widow Rosaura. Each one of the four men had different backgrounds, cultures, personalities, and passions. The four men consisted of a Frenchman, Spaniard, Englishman, and an Italian man. Rosaura is very skeptical on who will be her next husband. After having a few one-on-one encounters with each suitor, she questions their love for her. Rosaura than meets each suitor wearing clothing that hid her identity and gave her the appearance of someone from each suitor’s home country. After attempting to divert each one from Rosauara, she demanded an item from each suitor. After gathering everyone, she declares her love for the Italian suitor who had passionately defended her while the other suitors caved into other desires. Love at first sight is possible, but it is always a good idea to take a second look. Rosaura learned this the hard way. After marrying a man she regrets allowing to happen, she is now cautious with her next husband of choice. The play shows what a variety of men are out there and even revealing some of their darker intentions as well as other outside forces that one should not allow to influence their love for someone. I believe that Rosaura’s precautions are necessary and should be practiced by more people. With divorces being at a high rate, perhaps tes... ... middle of paper ... ...ence which I did not help me understand the point she was trying to make. I enjoyed the character but I felt Quincey could have done a better job on some important aspects such as not being so stiff, monotonous expressions, and allowing the audience to relate to her. The slapstick comedy The Foxy Widow by Carlo Goldoni captures the audience with a captivating story with plenty of physical performances and dynamic characters. With numerous themes referencing trying your luck and love at first sight, this play keeps the audience intrigued. The dynamic chorus built the play without flaw and developed the play smoothly as well with simple scenery held the play together through transitions into scenes. Additionally, the acting in the play was above any expectations I had. Characters were complimented by their actors and I would highly recommend this play to everyone.

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