Review of Agamemnon by Aeschylus

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Review of Agamemnon by Aeschylus *No Works Cited The play Agamemnon, a Greek playwright written by Aeschylus, starts out after the fall of Troy at the palace of King Agamemnon. A watchman watching for a flare in the distance spots a light in the distance, signaling that the end of the war has finally come after many years. After the King comes home, the “chorus” (high authorities I think?) talks about the war and about the fact that it was fought over a woman. Around this time, the chorus is doubting whether or not the signal flare was true or not, but soon a messenger comes along and confirms the word. This is when Agamemnon comes back to his palace on a chariotand his wife, Clytaemestra, comes out to greet him and pledge her love to him after supposedly missing him for so long. In fact, she’s so glad to see him that she rolls out a carpet in front of their home as if to treat him like a god. He refuses, stating that he’s only a man, not a god. After begging him repeatedly, he follows her into their home where she kills him along with the Trojan princess Cassandra that he b...

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