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I find this quote to be fully true and I learned this important lesson about writing, reading, and literature when I was a freshman in high school, in one of the most feared classes there, Mr. Monsour 's biology class. Not many people enjoy reading and writing, especially as an assignment to be graded by the “destroyer of dreams and grades.” Being assigned some reading and writing assignment seems like it would not have a large impact on a student, but to me it caused a change in heart to reading and literature and helped me learn and relearn something about myself. A book titled, The Hot Zone was the book I choose to read for the assignment and it was a fantastic book that I have read twice now. After reading and doing the given assignment I learned that literature is an important part of society as information can be learned and collected, but also that literature can teach life lessons and lead to some discovery of self. Before high school my amount of reading declined to near zero as interest in reading and literature as a whole for several reasons. This was quite different compared to elementary school when accelerated reader encouraged reading and I was in the top five readers in my entire school as I loved to read back then in my early education. But what happened to cause such a sharp drastic decline? The answer was the lack of exterior motivation and encouragement from people around me and the school. Books and reading just seemed to fall to the wayside of math and science as reading class was cut and math and science was placed at the forefront. The library was put to seem as a place for the weird kids, and with the social construct and ladder of schools I didn’t want to fall any lower than I already was. Howe... ... middle of paper ... ...hat should be encouraged and done throughout life as there is always something that can interest you out there and can even bring you back into reading if you left it behind like I did all of my time in middle school. All you have to do is find your motivation, whether it is something like a self reward system to replace accelerated reader from your elementary school days or, just a topic that seems interesting to read about, just do it and the rewards will be tremendous. Literature can help you discover yourself without even realizing it, and can help you connect with others as you are never alone in literature and reading. Someone who like the same thing as you, your job is to just to not be a blade of grass in the field and let literature pass you by like the wind, it’s a mistake that must be corrected or you will miss out on something truly amazing like I did.

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