Review Of Mary Sherry 'In Praise Of The F Word'

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‘’Incomplete Students’’ ‘’Most kids don’t put schools first on their list unless they perceive something is at stake. They’d rather be sailing’’. These words of Mary Sherry describes how young students do not take much importance to the bad grades they could obtain based on the work done in the school semester. They care more in sailing into their world that is socializing on the internet, being on the cell phone most of the time as well with the television . Parents of students and teacher s should be aware of the education that young students are learning and advise the young students to study and read more rather than play video games or being in the cell phone. In this paper we are going to explore the difficulties that our…show more content…
Sherry used the rhetorical strategy of emotional appeal of pathos when she talks about her son’s problems in school, transferring a sense of emotion to the reader. Also, Carl Singleton in his article, ‘’what our education system needs is more F’s’’ talks about how the grading system is decreasing in many ways and how teachers d o not fail students when they deserved to fail. Most students do not care about what they are going to get as a final grade in these days but when the days of graduation are coming is when they start to worry about work hard on future assignments, tests and even in the past due assignments. I would like to state that if we want to have a better country, first we have to put education as the main problem of the country and start working on students in their education since they start studying elementary school. We have to advise parents to motivate their children and protest to the government to give the money necessary for public schools because in that way we can promise and protest equality of education for all the students in the country of the United States of
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