Review Of Leslie Bell's 'Selections From Hard To Get'

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People have many expectations they are expected to fulfill by a lot of different people, but these standards are not always followed. People act as they want rather than by the principles set by others by doing so they are discovering their own identity. Identities define what kind of person we are to other people. Others can learn about one another by studying how someone performs. Performance is exemplified through our actions. The way we present our self to others is by performing to their expectations or going against them. If people defy expectation and do as they want they are creating their own unique identity. In “Selections from Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom,” Leslie Bell talks about three young…show more content…
There are expectations from society, friends, and parents. Sometimes we go against what is anticipated and do our own thing. In Leslie Bell’s, “Selections from Hard to Get,” a young woman Jayanthi goes against the expectations of others and goes out to discover herself. Bell writes, “There is also appeal in the drama and excitement of having a crazy story to tell and creating a history for oneself, especially if one’s history previously has been defined by others’ expectations of what a woman should be and do,” (Bell 31). When Bell talks about “creating a history for oneself” it implies that Jayanthi is not following the footsteps of her ancestors and she is going against her parents’ expectations for her. By doing this she is creating her own identity with adventurous stories to tell others unlike her ancestors who followed tradition. Jayanthi is distinguishing herself from her family by doing her own thing. She will be remembered differently than all the women in her family that came before her because she is taking a different path and making her own choices. This relates to Shannon Faulkner who applies to a male only academy in, “The Naked Citadel,” by Susan Faludi. She is finding herself by going against society and doing what she wants. She is proving her strength and setting a precedent for all those who come after her. Faludi writes, “But the administration made passing the fitness test a requirement for graduation…show more content…
When our performance changes to match our environment to give up our individuality and blend with the atmosphere. In Faludi’s story she talks about how the young men attending the Citadel act the same and follow traditions passed down by older cadets. Faludi writes, “And, anyway, after freshman year the men no longer get their head shaved,” (Faludi 75). When Faludi states “no longer get their head shaved” it implies that every freshman cadet has to shave their head and in do so they are performing to expectation. The men do not question what they are told to do, by doing this they give up their identity and blend with everyone around them. The Citadel does not have expectations of rebellion from these men, similar to how Bell does not speak of expectations from men in her essay. Bell only makes references to the expectations of women, not men. She writes, “They have more freedom than women a few generations ago would have imagined possible,” (Bell 26). When Bell writes “more freedom,” it implies that even though women have freedom now they still have expectations just fewer than those of women in earlier generations. However, she never states the limitations of men. They have no expectations. Through both the works of Bell and Faludi it is shown that where women are restricted from many things, men just conform to society sacrificing their

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