Review Of Junot Diaz's 'This Is How You Lose Her'

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What goes around comes around. Sometimes life isn’t perfect. Nothing on earth is perfect, we all make mistakes and we learn from them. That’s part of being human. Relationships come and go but every time we brake up with someone, they teach us a lesson. They could teach us to become a better person or they could bring out the worst of us. In the novel called This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz, Yunior didn’t have good relationships because he always cheated. For example, he cheated on Magda with Cassandra and he cheated on Alma with Laxmi. Yunior sometimes loved them but his way of loving them was unique. He was scared to be committed to just one person. Maybe he was scared to fall in love. We live in a generation where we see all kind of crazy stuff happening in relationships. Maybe that’s how society wants us to feel,…show more content…
Before he met his ex fiancée, Yunior was a player. He didn’t care about girl’s feelings; he knew he was going to get another girl if they left him. Yunior said, “I told her the truth; its because I love you mami. I know this sounds like a load of doo-doo, but it’s the true; Magda’s my heart” (Diaz 6). Yunior thought he loved her but he really didn’t. When you love someone you feel like they complete you and you don’t want to hurt them. Yunior cheated on her with a girl named Cassandra. He knew the pain he caused her but he still managed to cheat on his next relationship. He thought it was ok to cheat but once his fiancée broke up with him he became into a disaster. He realized the real meaning of love. Love could complete you with happiness or it could destroy you. In this case love destroyed him. He became into a person who he would of never thought. He was depressed; He didn’t care about anything but her. He just wanted to get her back but he knew he messed up, he knew how cheating wasn’t going to get him anywhere. The pain he felt was worse than what he made his ex girlfriends
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