Reverse Brain Drain Essay

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Hundreds of thousands of students come to the United States of America from all over the world because of it optimistic opportunities and the freedoms it beholds along with the prestigious universities worthy of attending. Almost every university and college across the US consists of an immigrant student who came here to study and prosper; students from Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia and even Antarctica, if they had anyone living there. Recently, there has a change in where people go after they graduate college; instead of remaining in the US and having a future, numerous students plan on heading back home; this phenomenon is termed the “reverse brain drain.” The reverse brain drain is where the students of an under developed…show more content…
The students even plan on living here and starting their new lives with a viable career plan, maybe even start a family; but entrance into the US is a difficult process because you have to attain a visa and apply for a green card to remain in the states. People in underdeveloped countries wait for decades to finally have a chance in coming here and have better lives; back home they probably earn mediocre wages or don’t have the essential background to attain a job. In reference to the reverse brain drain, this phenomenon is called the brain drain. “Land of opportunity” has been one of the many motto’s America has lived by and that is why everybody is trying migrate into the US; but the people who received the chance to study and live in America are now planning on making a u-turn back to where they came from because America has failed to meet their expectations of a land of…show more content…
The recession has had a toll on all off this and nobody knows when it will all recover to the way it was before. The prices of medical insurance and procedures and even simple walk-ins are flying through the roof and less people are bale to even afford them. India and China have had a significant growth in their economy where the prices have been much cheaper than the prices America has; even for the same quality and product or even procedure. My grandparents both needed knee replacement surgery while they resided in Texas and the doctors had slammed them with a quote of $75,000 for one knee; Back in India they had a quote of $75,000 for two knees. The procedure was the same and the materials were the same and even the equipment was the same; the doctor who performed the surgery was educated in the US at Harvard Medical School and went back to India to help the people who can afford the surgeries rather than hurt them even more in America with the large costs. So why do the doctors in America charge so

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