Revenge in William Shakespeare´s Hamlet

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545 words

One trait that haunts many humans throughout every time period is revenge. In Hamlet, revenge is a main motive in almost every part of the play and has an overall affect on how the play takes place. When someone seeks revenge, they stop for no obstacles till this retribution has been reached. Once the retribution is fuelled by anger, it drives the seeker of revenge to a degree of no boundaries and might usually be the response of deceit or betrayal. In William Shakespeare’s tragedy-play “Hamlet”, this concept of revenge is sent to be terribly apparent, that to the current day reflects an unchanged response of anger and deceitful actions.

There were three major families within the Tragedy of Hamlet. These were the family of King Fortinbras, the family of Polonius, and also the family of King Hamlet. The heads of those families are all killed at different points in the play. Fortinbras, the King of Noreg, was murdered by King Hamlet; by sword throughout a person to man battle. This gave entitlement to King Hamlet of the land that was possessed by Fortinbras as a result of a previous c...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how revenge is a trait that haunts many humans throughout every time period. in shakespeare's tragedy-play "hamlet", this concept is sent to be terribly apparent.
  • Analyzes the three major families in the tragedy of hamlet. fortinbras, polonius, and king hamlets' sons were all killed at different points of the play.
  • Narrates how laertes confronts the king and accuses him of the murder of his father. claudius and hamlet plan to kill him with a poison sword.
  • Analyzes how hamlet and the renaissance go hand in hand. the renaissance brought back classical greek and latin ideas and humanism was a huge part of this movement.
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