Revealing the Benefactor in Great Expectations

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514 words

In the novel Great Expectations, Pip is set in a poor common town and curiously comes into wealth which leads him on a journey to discover his own expectations. Using foreshadowing and pathetic fallacy, Dickens’ prepares readers for the climax of the story where Pip learns that it is Magwitch who is the benefactor. Dickens’ use of the presence of the convict theme, Pip’s expectations, and weather all help the reader understand Pip’s final realization of his true benefactor. First, Dickens’ uses the convict theme to repeatedly foreshadow Magwitch’s return. As a boy, when Pip is at the Three Jolly Bargemen with Joe, a strange man who seemed to be a former convict was stirring his drink with the file he had given his convict (Magwitch). As they are leaving, the strange man gives Pip a small sum of money, afterwards Pip explains, “He stirred his rum-and-water pointedly at me...and he stirred it and he tasted it: not with a spoon that was brought to him, but with a file”(Dickens, 81). This passage shows that although the small sum of money was strange cons...

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the person is from whom you derive your expectations, and the secret is solely held by them.
  • Analyzes how magwitch's fogs/mists are repeated throughout the novel.
  • Analyzes pip's dismay at magwitch being his true benefactor.
  • Describes how magwitch in the marshes was bleak and the sky was filled with black and red angry.
  • Analyzes how the novel keeps the reader engaged and anticipating what might happen next.
  • Narrates the great expectations questions. what would you say the atmosphere of the first stage of great expectations?
  • Explains weather as pathetic fallacy and foreshadowing in great expectations.
  • Analyzes dickens' use of foreshadowing and pathetic fallacy to prepare readers for the climax of the story where pip learns that it is magwitch who is benefactor.
  • Analyzes how pip is at the three jolly bargemen with joe when a strange man stirs his drink with the file he had given his convict (magwitch).
  • Analyzes how the first time pip meets mr.jaggers is at satis house, and he appears again in kent when notifying him of his expectations.
  • Narrates how magwitch arrived at pip's home in london and described the weather as wretched, stormy and wet.
  • Explains that using literary devices is effective because the reader builds suspense to the climax of when benefactor is revealed.
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