Reunification Of South Korea Essay

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The Reunification of North and South Korea is inevitable, but only with time, will they be able to do so peacefully. The reunification of North and South Korea cannot happen for a very, very long time. Otherwise the people, the government, and the rest of the world will be at serious risks within themselves through the economy and government. Waiting a few decades or so till the reunification will save North and korea' class='brand-secondary'>South Korea as well as other counties from being in even more debt. If North and South Korea decided they wanted to reunite in the next decade for some reason, they will need to have more money. Where will that money come from? North and South Korea will be in debt to its major contributors like the United States and China, causing them to have to raise taxes to help fund these contributions. “Korea will have to borrow several trillions of dollars from the United States” to start the reunification process started and finished and to a healthy economy. So instead of starting the reunification…show more content…
Letting South Korea run the government along with the help of America. Which will never happen without a war because of how hostile and devoted to Kim Jung-un is to that title. “There is an American proverb that says, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”...” but this does not go with North Korea! North Korea is broken! It is unstable with its weapons, it is broken in the economy. It is broken in the people. They have divided within themselves already, there is only a few that actually want Kim to stay in rein, his supporters, his followers, his helpers. Whatever you wanna call them, they are in power, and are afraid of him as well, and will never tell him no to any command. The thought of a Peaceful Reunification is nice, but will only happen in time. You need to sort everything out and get Kim to calm down in the whole nuke problem. ( Kim,
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