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On top of all the expenses, the employees have to juggle in their life, retirement funds create the most stress. More and more people are delaying their retirement because they are worried they cannot support their life during retirement. With the life expectancy increasing, and health care expenses rising, retirement would jeopardize the stability of life. The increase of the aged population in the workforce also means that young college graduates would have a difficult time finding a job. In this memo, I have laid out some suggestions on how we can change to fit into the retirement industry in the future. The cause of low retirement fund can be traced back to lack planning. Many people depend on their Social Security for their retirement. Every pays tub shows that the government taxes their salary. This encourages them to not save earlier in their life, often it is almost too late when they start saving. In an effort to help the unpreparedness, JP Morgan can have talks in different companies, explaining the employees on ways to plan their retirement. Even though this plan may not s...

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