Results of a Research Regarding Immigration

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Variables Independent The independent variable was the “Main activity of the Respondent”. The main activity of the respondent was recoded from the original data set. This original variable was collapsed from twelve cases into two cases. The “employed” category consisted of people who reported their main activity was paid labor and “unemployed” for respondents who reported their main activity was anything other than paid labor. Control Variables The control variables included ‘birthplace’ and ‘level of educational attainment’. The ‘birthplace’ variable remained the same. However, ‘level of educational attainment’ was collapsed from five categories into three. ‘Doctorate/Masters/Bachelors degree’ and ‘Diploma/Certificate from community college’ were collapsed into ‘University/College’. ‘Some University/Some college’ and ‘high school Diploma’, were merged to form the ‘high school’ category and ‘Some secondary/elementary/no school’ was renamed to ‘less than high school’. Dependent Variable The Dependent variable was collapsed from five variables into three. ‘Excellent’ and ‘Very good health’ was categorized into ‘Excellent Health’. ‘Good’ and ‘Fair’ health categories were collapsed into one case- ‘Good/Fair Health’ and ‘Poor Health’ remained the same. Methods of analysis This study used SPSS, which allows for statistical data analysis. The data set was first limited to people of 25 years and older in Canada. The data analysis begun with univariate tables. These tables were made to identify the characteristics of the variables. Secondly, bivariate cross tabulations were used to determine the relationship between employment and self-rated health. Finally, mulitivariate cross tabulations were used to determine the relationship betwee... ... middle of paper ... [Accessed 31 January 2008]. Statistics Canada, 2007a. Births: the daily _ September 21, 2007. Available from: [Accessed 12 January 2008]. Statistics Canada. 2008. General Social Survey, Cycle 22: Social Networks. Ottawa: Ministry of Industry. Zunzunegui, M., Forster, M., Gauvin, L., Raynault, M., & Willms, J. D. (2006). Community unemployment and immigrants’ health in Montreal. Social Science & Medicine, 63(2), 485-500. Wilkinson, R. and Marmot, M., 2003. The social determinants of health: the solid facts. 2nd ed.Available from: [Accessed 1 August 2007]. World Health Organization (WHO), 2007. Commission on social determinants of health. Available from: [Accessed 5 March 2014].

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