Results of Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory test and the Rhetorical Sensitivity Test

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For my communication 101 class we took four different tests. The first was the Rhetorical Sensitivity (RHETSEN) Inventory. This test was about rhetorical sensitivity (RS) and according to the worksheet that the test was on, the definition of rhetorical sensitivity is, “the ability and willingness to adapt messages to audiences, adjust what he/she says to the listener, and accept the variability of communication.” The online Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory test helped me defined my working style, personality style, and how I communicate and interact with my fellow peers. The next test was the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) Inventory. This test was about what subject fixed you best for the things that you like to do. The last test was called Public Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA-24). This test was to observe you feelings about communication with other people. Of the entire three tests the Rhetorical Sensitivity (RHETSEN) Communication Inventory was my favorite. This is because the scoring was easy and I agree with what it told me. My total score on the test was a 17. This score put me in the “low” category. The description of this category was: stick to personal ideals without variation or adjusting to others, see any variation from personal norms as hypocritical and denial of integrity, only one view of norms (their own). I choose the qualities of a Noble Self (Low Score) because the qualities of a rhetorical reflector (low score) did not at all describe the type of person I am or the type of person I aspire to be. I learned many things from this test that have helped me better my self as a person. One thing was that I stand strong with my morals and values and that not many people can change the... ... middle of paper ... ...f communication apprehension. From this test I learned that I would probably be a good public speaker. I feel that the results are an accurate reflection of who I am because I do like giving presentations and I like public speaking. These scores support my current level of confidence about transitioning to college because it has helped me a lot in college to be a good public speaker. My the adjustment towards college life was relatively easy for me because before coming to college I had gone to boarding school for five years. The only thing that was really different for me was the amount of people that had to live with. At boarding school our largest dorm held 64 girls. Also because it was a single sex boarding school, I had to transition to being in a coed school. I feel like my transition to college went very well and I have adjusted well to the college life.

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