Restaurant Management: Improving Information Technology

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The aim of the proposal is to come up with ways and means of improving business operations of a small high quality restaurant which is using very basic computer facilities through introduction of a more convenient way of doing business and attracting more customers through the introduction of the modern high level technologies. The world is developing at an alarming rate and at the same time the technology is continuing to advance day in day out. Though this restaurant may look small, there is a need to equip it with the current technology so that more customers can be attracted and therefore the returns will increase. Almost every business is meant to be successful and at the same time fetch out more profits throughout its life time when in operation. This has been proved with the emergence of information systems and internet technology, termed as e-business, in which networking between the business owners and the customers, both the existing and those to come, is made more easier and reliable. The orders and enquiries are just made online and saves people the agony of queuing. It is also a time and energy saving process (Superadmin, 2011).

There have been a lot of advances in this sector of communication technology through social networking sites in which people can easily socialize and the world is becoming more revolutionary in the aspect of communication. Therefore in order for the business to improve and get higher yields, there is a need to adopt these technologies and utilize them since most financial institutions are making use of these sites for marketing, promotions, and encourage good customer relations. Some of these sites include; facebook, twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn just to mention a few.

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...e individual restaurants also should open accounts under their names where the customers can register and post their comments and enquiries. The modes of serving customers at the desks should be improved through having computerized methods in which they can key in the choice of food they want and be delivered immediately by the waiters. The customer care services will be responsible for advertising the new improvements through the media, internet and verbally so that customers can be noticed.

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