Restaurant Industry Essay

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hroughout the years, the restaurant industry has matured and shown rapid growth is one of the most competitive industries in the world (Kristanti et al, 2012). According to Guha (2013), restaurant can be defined as an establishment which provides varieties of food and beverage to the customers in return for money. There are many types of restaurants and food service establishments. Each type of establishment has developed over time to fill a specific niche and to cater to a specific target market (Wade, 2006).
Malaysia is well-known as a food paradise with a vibrant and diverse food type. Malaysian cuisine is one of the reasons that tourists travel to Malaysia. (Tourism Malaysia cited in Zakariah et al, 2012). Today, the restaurant industry in Malaysia is growing and has a sizeable market in the industry. As the restaurant industry continues expand, the customer will have more choices to choose the dining restaurant. Therefore, maintaining the customer satisfaction through the better service quality is very important to prevent customer go to another restaurant (Seyanont, 2007 cited in Kristanti, 2012)
Furthermore, as Holjevac et al (2011) says, customer satisfaction may have the direct and indirect impact on business outcome, which means the business profitability will affect by the customer satisfaction (Anderson et al, 1994, Yeung et al, 2002 and Luo and Homburg, 2007, cited in Holjevac et al, 2011). Thus, it is very important to meet customer expectation to satisfy the customer. Wu and Liang (2009, cited in Markovic et al, 2010) claims that the service quality in the restaurant consists of three main elements, environmental elements like lighting, materials, design; employees, knowledgeable, professional; and customers, inter...

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...y theories and websites that related to hospitality industry.
Besides using the secondary method, primary research will be used as the main type of investigation to complete this study. The author is using quantitative method to collect data. As Dey (1993) mentions, quantitative data is dealing with numbers. In this study, the author is using online questionnaire survey to collect information data and opinion from the local residents and tourists who visit Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel through the social media, websites and email. As stated in Crouch et al (1996), there are four main purposes of using questionnaires in the data collection process, which are collecting relevant data, making data comparable, minimizing bias and motivating the respondent. By using questionnaire, the facts about respondents, the opinion and the motive of the respondents can be gathered.