Restaurant Case Study

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In the last five years, Jayne has been the successful owner of a mobile sandwich concession called Janye’s Sandwich Stop. She creates fresh and tasty sandwich and other lunch items popular among the shoppers and workers in town, which made her business a big success. In the last year, Jayne has added three bicycle-towed concessions to her business, spreading her popular products to strategic locations in the region. Jayne utilized Facebook to promote her business, publish her daily menus and post the locations of her bicycle concessions. Jayne is gratified by her success, but she wants to expand her business to something more lucrative, implement greater variety of food products and services, and increase her competitive edge in the region. When a restaurant space became available 20 miles from her trailer concession location but close to a mall and the suburbs, and nearer her local food producers, Jayne jumped at the opportunity. She hired professional business consultants to help set up her restaurant; however she knew she must also consider her financial, HR and management needs as well as her ethical and potential social responsibilities.

Growth Strategy

Jayne should create a thorough business plan, clearly identifying the goals of her business expansions to include her executive summary, proposed
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She will require a general manager to manage the day-to-day operations of the restaurant including hiring, training, and overseeing the staff, and making sure the restaurant is maintained in proper operating condition, ensuring things are running smoothly. She’ll need a head Chef and assistants to prepare the food as well as a restaurant supervisor and servers to manage the dining area, interact with the customers and serve food. Additionally, if she’s including alcohol to her establishment, she’ll need to hire a bartender to serve

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