Rest vs. West – battle of dominance

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For approximately half a millennium, Western civilizations have dominated the world. The rest of the world has been greatly influenced by the West which has become a role model to them. Everything they introduced was widely accepted and followed by the rest. However, British historian Niall Ferguson, during his visit to Zagreb had presented, and backed up by a vast amount of evidence, an outlook where he foresaw Rest’s prevalence and the end of West’s supremacy. Looking at the arguments he posed, it is easy to agree with him. However, I will skeptically do my best to oppose his view and give a couple of arguments to prove that East (or how he said, the Rest) will not be able to beat West. First of all, I would like to mention that the presentation of Mr. Nial Ferguson is based on statistical results and graphs that can be easily manipulated. Observing and believing only in statistics means getting a superficial impression. The whole dismay of East beating West is grounded on economic growth. I agree with the fact that the East is growing rapidly, but there is a reason for such growth: consumption. Consumption of, for example, energy or steel, in countries of the East is lower than in West. So, if they want to at least come close to the consumption the West has, they need to build infrastructure - and building means economic growth. That is exactly what they are doing – building infrastructure only to keep the growth going, regardless of the efficiency. So we shouldn’t just judge a country’s efficiency by looking at its economic growth. There are more important aspects of it, such as innovation or competitiveness. Now that I excluded economic growth as the best indicator of efficiency, I would like to share some ranking lists that... ... middle of paper ... growth. Furthermore, they will need a reform process to save their environment, so a question is being posed whether they will be able to solve the issue and continue the race with the West. I would like to conclude by saying that we cannot be completely sure which side will prevail. We can only try to position them in different aspects and see how they might look in the future. There are simply too many variables which do not allow us to safely conclude anything. Still, I have an impression that what we are facing now is not a proof of East’s domination, but a period of self-doubt. I believe that the main reason for such economic growth of East is not their continuous desire to dominate over West, but the fact that the West could do much better than it does, while East, at least for now and for the foreseeable future, will not be able to progress above the West.
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