Responsibility Of Responsibility In Frankenstein

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Abraham Lincoln once said “You can not escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”. In this quote he is trying to display the message that you can not avoid things that need to be done and just expect them to go away eventually. Responsibility is the duty to control something and it is one of the first things that parents teach their children when they are young. When someone does something irresponsible they are given another chance to take responsibility and take charge of their wrong doings to make up for what they had done, but in some cases people do not use their second chance. An example of this is in the early science fiction, Frankenstein. In this story the main character is faced with the choice to be responsible for…show more content…
One part in the novel that displays this is when the monster speaks its true feeling towards victor and talks about how “unfeeling [and] heartless” he was for “[casting] [it] abroad” after giving “It” “perceptions” that the world was a “[passionate]” and understanding place (pg 229). Because of this, the monster went in the world thinking that “it” would be accepted. When he failed to connect to the humans, he automatically blamed Victor for his perils. Like when a parent helps a child with their homework but it ends up being wrong, the child then blames the parent for it. Another example is when the creature murders Victor’s younger brother William. When “It” learned that William “[belonged] … to [his] enemy… Frankenstein” he decided that William would be his “first victim”(pg 146). Once again the creature’s obsession over Victor caused his actions. If William had not had a relationship with Victor then the creature may have treated him like he did with Felix. But, knowing this connection, he felt that he had to take action somehow. Also, he might not have known that he was killing William since he had never seen death happen before, so he might have meant to inflict pain and not end his life. Those are some of the reasons why Victor being horrible to the monster is why he is remotely responsible for the…show more content…
The first example of this was when the monster is talking about the “groans of Clerval” and that they were not “music to [his] ears” (pg 229). The creature showing remorse could mean that he really regretted all the things he did. It's like when one gets really mad and does a lot of things that they eventually regret in the long run. It is like the anger takes over and they do not know what they are doing. This is most likely the same thing that happened to the creature, his rage and thirst for revenge may have provoked his killing spree. Another part in the novel that displays this is when the monster is talking about his regrets and how he “abhorred [himself]”, showing more self-disgust (pg 229). Once again the monster is apologizing for his mistakes and asking for forgiveness. Yes, his actions were wrong but there were so many ways that they could have been avoided. The monster did his part to do this but Victor did not. This ultimately led the monster for feeling terrible about what he had done, and he even wanted to makeup for his actions but killing himself. This was basically the monster taking the high road because he did not want to cause anymore pain and felt it was the right thing to
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