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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby organizations consider the interests of society . Responsibility for the impact of their activities on shareholders, employees, customers , the environment and communities in all areas of your business that is determined to see beyond the legal obligation to comply with legislation and sees organizations voluntarily take steps to improve the quality of improving the quality of life of employees and their families and the community and society to improve local . Social responsibility is an idea that has long been a source of concern for humanity. In the last two decades there has been a growing interest in the business world. This has led to greater interaction between governments, businesses and society as a whole. In the past, affected by the economic results of their decisions primarily companies . (Anderson 15) " Today, however, companies need to think about the ethical, legal decisions , moral and social . " In this article , the concept of corporate social responsibility analyzed. The definition and some of the factors that determine the social responsibility in the global economy must be given. It will be in the company of the importance of the economy, the implementation of the project and the impact of corporate social responsibility . Social responsibility and high ethical standards is not an option but a requirement for all businesses.

The debate on CSR is said to have started in the 20th century , the growing concerns of the major concerns of the economy and power . Ideas of charity and helped manage initial thoughts on CSR in the United States . There is no universally accepted definition of the definition of CSR - CSR organizations elected:
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...n as a waste of resources, such as CSR strategy can help carefully applied to your organization: CSR programs for the social responsibility of the company will be able to attract investors , new businesses and have engaged in the eye reduces their risks and the interests of the parties’ . Social responsibility programs can also help to win the employee team and maintain a happy workforce of the employer. It has also to save the organizations money and energy in the operating costs and also help reduce the risk of the club. CSR can manage and to differentiate themselves from competitors. Therefore, CSR can help they differ to create and innovate, learn and influence. There is also the situation of your company to improve your reputation. Subsequently, CSR can create opportunities for positive publicity and communication media by the media interest in ethical business.

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