Responsibility In Lord Of The Flies

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Leaders have responsibilities to their people; a responsibility to protect and to nurture them. Leaders can reject their citizens needs because they believe that their wants are more important end up destroying the very society they rule. As shown in the novel Lord of the Flies when Jack rejects his responsibility of nurturing and giving the boys a home because he believes his lust for power, which provides him with a sense of security, is more important than the needs of the boys for affection and protection, allowing him to use the boys as objects to accomplish his own desires. This eventually leads to the destruction of society. We can see that Jack had a lust for power since the beginning of the book. For example when the election occurred…show more content…
But when they reject this responsibility and only care about the power that comes with the position they will do anything to keep this power. As seen in the lord of the flies when Jack creates the lord of the flies after becoming leader. As such, Jack cultivates the fear inside the boys that are part of his tribe. This makes the boys easier to command and he is able to accomplish his desires more easily. As the novel continues, Jack continues to torment the boys with punishment. Punishment in itself is not wrong but when there is no reason behind it is degraded in to torture.As we can see in the novel Jack punishes the boys without a reason. The tribe then becomes afraid of betraying Jack because they know they will get punished so in turn they listen to everything Jack says. This allows him to use his tribe as an army that will listen to all of his…show more content…
Then Jack abandons his citizens needs in order to protect his position and power. This was a reflection of Hitler during World War 2. HItler oppressed and fed his citizens propaganda in order to Maintain control over them. When this did not work he would punish his citizens by locking them up in jail or killing them. This led to his citizens to be afraid of their leader and of the outside world as well. As World War 2 continued and Nazi germany started losing the war, Hitler became more desperate as he wanted to win, sending in suicidal missions in order for him to maintain his power. But as we saw because he was willing to sacrifice his people for his mission he in the end lost and had nothing left. Golding Wants to show a leader is supposed to be responsible for his people and must try to complete his responsibility. Golding shows that a leader who does not respect this responsibility is able to throw his citizens away just to accomplish their desires. But a leader is not a leader if they have no one to
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