Responsibility Delegation

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Delegation as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary is the act of delegating or officially elected or appointed a person to represent another or others. Delegation is mostly used by managers no matter the size of the organization all management use delegating as a way of assigning task to there employees on a day- to- day basis. Many of us may see delegation as the free will of handing out work for others to complete. This is not necessarily true management may delegate some of their task to other employees so that they have the opportunity to focus on other projects that may be more important. Many people may think that delegating tasks and assignments to others is an easy job to do, but requires skill, patience, confidence and courage. Successful delegation occurs when management chooses an employee to do a specific task. The employee has been specifically chosen because management believes that this person has the ability to complete the task in question. For example my organization is in the process of completely redesigning a new database. Due to this change additional duties have been requested for all levels of management. In order for my supervisor to successfully and accurately delegate her daily task and the new duties that will come she had assign a team leads who will take delegate daily task so that upper management can focus on needs of implementing the new system. The purpose of this paper is to define the process that my organization uses to delegate management responsibilities while implementing new technology. I will describe the process my management follows in order to delegate more effectively. I will also explain how delegating could be used more effectively in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling within my organization. Finally I will discuss I will discuss the benefits of delegating.

Delegation is important to my manager because she is aware of the fact that she is only one person and that in order for her to perform her job effectively she will have to place trust in her coworkers to support her efforts when assigning tasks. Therefore, my management delegates on an as need basis. Mainly during company transition management will delegate task and project to employee that he or she feel have a good reputation with the company, and work hard on a daily basis.