Response to Literature : The Necklace

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Have you ever want too many things even though your life was already fulfilled and lost yourself? Have you ever ask too much and regret for what you did? Every desire, ambition, selfishness and a bit of extravagant of a human being was carefully portrayed in this story, “The Necklace”. The story is about a young woman named Mathilde Loisel. Born in a family of artisans, she wasn’t rich, but beautiful and glamor. But she never feel satisfied of what she had and never stop dreaming to have more, to live a luxury life with expensive homes and glittering dresses, and eventually paid hard for her nonsense dreams. In “The Necklace”, Guy de Maupassant uses third person limited narration to show how Mathilde Loisel changes in how she looks and acts; However, she does not fully change in what she says or how she thinks.
Throughout the story, the third person limited narrator focuses on Mathilde’s evolving in her actions. Madame Mathilde Loisel, a charming but selfish lady, never feel satisfied with her wants. Before she lost the necklace, Mathilde thoughts are described as , “ She suffered endlessly, feeling herself born for every delicacy and luxury.” (Maupassant 1). At first, Mathilde was unhappy and disappointed of her life. She was a beautiful woman, and ought to live a magnificent life. But she was the daughter of an artisan, and then married a clerk in the Ministry of Education, which broke her heart. She felt regretful, thought that she deserve to live a richer life. Although Mathilde is not so poor, but she is quite miserable because she wants to have things that she won’t be able to have. She lived in the middle-class, meaning she only had a sufficient amount of money for a standard living, but not a luxury life. Howeve...

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...her dreamy memories, which made the reader felt sympathetic and pity.
In the end, Guy de Maupassant surprised the readers by revealing the truth was that the necklace was imitated and only cost for five hundred francs. Meaning to say Mathilde Loisel lost her ten years sacrifice for nothing. Isn’t it a tragic to live ten years under a painful lie? Her fate was so cruel and destroyed everything. If Mathilde told the truth earlier, she won’t lose her money and won’t have to struggle. She was so beautiful, but too stubborn and met miserable things in her life. But in terms of other, she is an respectful and admirable person. She keeps her hope even though it won’t ever come, and eventually works hard to repay the money. She may be a stubborn woman, but full of spirit, determination and dignity.

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