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Chapter Discussion
Peeking into a child’s emotional and physical activities could be possible with a pedagogical documentation which throws light on more such behaviours (Dahlberg, 2013). Pedagogical documentation refers to the study of teaching and learning that relates to the log of daily activities which includes, people, places and events to attain a deeper insight into the lives of children (Fleet, 2011).
Pedagogical documentation was developed in the 1970 and 80’s by the teachers of infant centers and preschools of the municipality of Reggio Emilia in Italy which later spread in other parts of the world (Anne Wien, 2013). Pedagogical documentation is a kind of a record which gives complete information about children and their thought process. This record is presented in terms of the behaviours as captured in images, video, artifacts, written and audio records (Anne Wien, 2013). A collection of the documented material serves as a great tool for a combined thought when others get to share these experiences. It is not just a picture of an action but also a deeper understanding of what is going on in the minds of these children, the emotional battle going on in their minds and the learning experience they get from such moves and behaviours (Dahlberg, 2013).
The pedagogical documentation also offers a deeper experience into the lives of children that are marked by innocence and many unsaid stories (Anne Wien, 2013). It further unveils the behaviours of these children while calming the curiosity of teachers and parents as related to their actions. This realization leads to the expansion of the understanding about these children and their small world. Once an individual observes an act, the planning of a response for the same woul...

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... easy access to everything they require in their learning environment.
The understanding of the course concepts related to modernity, postmodernity and metanarratives makes me an enlightened individual. I see myself as more confident and informed as a potential ECE teacher where I learned multiple techniques of teaching through the key concepts of quality, meaning making and pedagogical documentation. Altogether, the principles based on the early childhood education have a positive impact on my previous knowledge while adding more to it at the same time. My pedagogical skills have got an impetus from the advanced knowledge presented in the textbook and handouts provided. Overall, my knowledge on the key concepts related to the course has become more refined, preparing me for any upcoming challenges that I might confront in my career as an early childhood educator.

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