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Overview of Course Concepts Modernity: Ever since the civilization existed, superiority of some notions over the others have always prevailed irrespective of the fact weather they deserve that niche. Modernity began in the 17th century and ended in 1960’s (Dahlberg, 2013). Society has always followed preconceived notions without realizing their possible negative impact on the target groups. The period that dealt with such perspectives comprised of various issues that always faced the threat of modernity (Dahlberg, 2013). Modernity is referred to as a form of social experience which is a prediction on a specific notion of certain time and history. It is basically a judgment on some belief that occurs in a particular time and place in history (Dahlberg, 2013). Post-modernity: Whereas, postmodernity is a broader concept that questions the preconceived notions of modernity with rationalization and assertion (Dahlberg, 2013). Post modernity began in the 1960’s. Postmodernity is a period that took over modernity right after World War 2. It brought in radical transformations in the perception of the society that was responsible for getting rid of many social, political and economical ills (Dahlberg, 2013). It paved the way to get logical answers for baseless theories. People in this era became more aware of the logical facts behind the various issues that confronted the society during modernity period (Dahlberg, 2013). However, this positive change in the perspectives has benefitted the society in many ways. Metanarratives: The past tales related to some primitive concepts that takes place at a particular period and gives birth to some perspectives and theories that fall under various categories and forms the era of modernity (Dahlb... ... middle of paper ... ... grew up we were educated on homosexuality at school and this helped us to educate our parents. I in particular helped my parents understand what homosexuality meant and that it is okay to be different and it is okay to like the person of the same sex because we were taught to like everyone at school and to treat everyone with respect. Due to school and learning about homosexuality I think it has influenced me a lot where I got to learn about how to accept people who like the same sex and I am proud that it has changed my views on homosexual and LGBTQ people. I am happy to love my cousin the way he is and with all the education I have received I am excited to use it in my classroom where diversity is key. LGBTQ parents and families will be accepted and will be shown equality all around the classroom where the children will know it is okay for them to be different.

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