Response To 'Dropping Leaflets'

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SET 2.8 baseball game / to help us in our task / force will sign terrorists tracking American citizens / to protect level warriors / the decibel from these shadows / open your mail louder What do I notice about this poem? Far from the usual poems that I am familiar with, this poem consists of fragments. When read with the expectation of instantly gaining a coherent idea or message, one would be puzzled of the writing style and might initially think it’s full of senseless lines. It’s quite a challenge to gain full understanding of the message the poem wants to give out. What is odd, quirky, or peculiar about it? The poem is made of fragments where phrase after phrase seem disconnected from each other. Although there are poems which could be made of phrases and incomplete sentences too, this poem is quite mysterious to read. What new words do I…show more content…
The audio file explained that “Dropping Leaflets” was written by Jena Osman after the 9/11 terrorist attack. From there, I already had an idea why the poem has elements of massive combination of varying emotions including confusion and frustration. It's common to get meaningless statements by administration officials during press conferences at a time like the 9/11 attack, political wars, terrorist activity and the like. This is because it is not easy to give out as much information as they would want to because they need to protect the ones who are gathering the intelligence information they have or might have. Revealing too much may also put the plans and defense be at risk. It was explained that Osman wrote "Dropping Leaflets" out of transcripts of the press conferences and newspaper articles, printed and torn apart, and then stood on a chair, before “bombing" her office floor with them as if they were leaflets. She said that the leaflets told her what to do. This explains why "Dropping Leaflets" consists of fragments out of random assembly of collaged lines or
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