Response Paper On Courts And Judicial Processes

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Charles Scott Ms. Brown Courts & Judicial Processes March 10, 2014 Response Paper 5 The Supreme Court has the highest ruling of all the courts in the land. They by law determine the meaning of the constitution, can create courts inferior to themselves, and serve as an appellate court. I will discuss how they gained their power, things they do to decide on court cases they will review, and how the review process works. At one point and time the court had to view every single case that was received by writ of error under Common Law. In 1914 the courts were given certiorari jurisdiction. That allowed them to be able to pick a choose cases. They would not consider cases that were not supported by four justices. It first began as being only applicable to decisions favoring rights clamed under federal law. In 1916 all cases involving denials of federal rights were moved to certiorari jurisdiction. The Judiciary Act of 1925 finalized the supreme courts ability to pick and choose cases. The Supreme Court may receive up to 7,000 courts cases a year. They are mostly all reviewed by clerks fo...
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