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Cofer response- I believe that Cofer’s reactions were appropriate. While many would say that she should have spoken up or acted on the conveyed stereo types, I feel that she is very aware of American pre- conceived beliefs based off of her ethnicity, therefore she is not entirely taken by surprise and subdues her anger. Possibly this could be because, as we read on, her own moral shortcomings proceed to discredit her argument by demonstrating her own preconceived stereotypes in regards to the men who are the offenders. For example, after her explanation of the ridiculous events that transpired with the man in the tuxedo, Cofer goes on to demonstrate her own bias when she states “This same man-probably a corporate executive, well-educated,…show more content…
I have been on both sides of that situation. I have been assumed as un approachable or scary. People assume I am a certain way based off of my appearance and presence. On the other side, I have had jobs where my assessment of a person based off generalities and a profile was literally the difference between life and death. However, often in day to day life, I am the one being perceived as the threat. For example, the kind act of stopping to help a person with a flat tire only to be assumed a kidnapping rapist. I believe that, while not necessarily fair or just, it is an instinct that has been essential to human survival since the beginning of time and is not easily changed or forgotten. Should someone fear me…. No. Do I blame someone for fearing me…No. Does it bother me that people don’t really realize that I am just a “teddy bear? ” No. People do not know me or my intentions and their split judgment of my intentions is based off of either past experiences or trusted established generalities (regardless of how false they may be), therefore why should they trust me. In extreme terms and in their minds, if they are wrong and they avoid or accuse me they cannot be the victim…if they fight their instinct on principle alone there is still a possibility they will become a victim. No one wants to be a victim. If it is essential that someone trusts me, then I do just as the author did and demonstrate some type of tension relief. While not fair, If I desire to be perceived differently, then it is my responsibility to change my posture, gestures, stance etc. to convey a sense of security and safety. It is amazing what a sincere smile will do. Once the person realizes that their interpretation of my presence was incorrect, the remorse is typically theirs. I do not believe that I will behave any differently after reading this article because the author and I seem to have taken similar approaches to
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