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During the crisis of secession, there were multiple view and attitudes towards what was morally right and constitutionally right, from both the north and the south. This issue was personified in the key figures that were in the forefront of the crisis. Lincoln, who represented the North, Jefferson Davis, who represented the newly formed Confederacy, and John Calhoun who was a supporter of the confederacy and the ideology of minority rights. The politics and Ideology of the secession crisis differed significantly depending on which perspective one takes. The south adopted a states rights ideology and minority rights clams. In contrast, the North used the majority principle, which the minority should abide by the majority rule. In essence, Lincoln, Davis, and Calhoun, demonstrated, displayed, and personified the complete polarization of ideas, views, and ideology between the north and the south. Lastly, it was a crisis of democracy and an endeavor to preserve the union. Although the secession crisis was a result of both sections not being able to come to an agreement about the issue...

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