Respiratory, Neuromuscular, and Energy Systems

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Respiratory System During the early parts of exercise odour breathing rate increases and if that increases then always our tidal volume increase but during steady state excise they start to plateau off and therefore our respiratory centre that is found inside our medulla so as soon as our breathing rate plateaus our tidal volume will do the same thing and plateau off. Oxygen dissociation curves is a place with a high amount of oxygen and also high partial pressure some places in our body include our lungs and inside our haemoglobin. In here oxygen will try and fill up our red blood cells so that as much oxygen as possible can be carried around our body. After oxygen goes into our haemoglobin its known as oxyhaemaglobin and it goes to the working muscles that need oxygen and oxygen goes to the muscles where there is a lower partial pressure. And our oxyhaemaglobin gives up the oxygen it’s been carry to working muscles so that can be used, Another effect that could cause a change to our oxygen dissociation curve is if our body temperature goes up then this will lead to the curve shifting to the right and if our body temperature decreases then this will lead to the curve shifting to the left. So if the curve shits to the right that means our haemoglobin transport oxygen and give it to the working muscles so that it used. If the curve shifts left then haemoglobin then transport co2 away from the muscles to the body as its a waste product. If this never happened then our working muscles would easily become fatigue because it doesn’t have enough oxygen and it wouldn’t get rid of carbon dioxide and if it is removed from our body then this would mean our blood would become acidic and this would have an effect on our energy systems w... ... middle of paper ... ...e myelin sheath helps making it faster by keeping it insulated and warm by covering it with fat. After this the nerve reaches the end of the nerve which is to synaptic knob this is the last part of the nearby after this the impulse goes to our muscles where we contract. If this never happens then we wouldn’t be able to move so quickly during steady state exercising we need the nerve impulses to be quick and to work effectively. Without it there would be a little chance that out muscles contracts at all then we wouldn’t be able to move all. Energy Systems Aerobic energy system is a type of energy system and we use it when we are exercising at a low intensity and this is when your body has finished using both our apt-pc system and lactic acid, therefore it lasts longer then both of them and it kicks off after lactic acid which about the 3 minutes into exercising.

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