Respecting The Founding Fathers

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Since the establishment of our nation, the founding fathers have been looked upon with veneration. The numerous monuments throughout the country dedicated to these courageous men demonstrate their lasting dignity in our society. These men were exceptional leaders who played a substantial role in American history and tremendously shaped our country for the better. They gave us some of our most beloved documents, led the way to our freedom from Great Britain, and provided us with the foundations for our current government. These men dedicated their lives to the betterment of our nation and deserve an accolade of admiration and honor. Our forefathers encouraged and highly influenced the establishment of our nation. First of all, these men were extremely active in our nation’s separation from Great Britain. The founding fathers took the first major step in our division from Great Britain by writing and signing the Declaration of Independence. In 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed, John Hancock, one of the founders, said to the Convention of Maryland “Our affairs are hastening to a Crisis; and the approaching Campaign will, in all probability, determine for ever the fate of America.” (Document F) These men took great risks by signing the Declaration of Independence knowing that this action would most likely worsen the war between Great Britain and the thirteen colonies and could change the country forever. After the Revolutionary War ended, the founding fathers still deeply influenced the establishment of our nation. By writing the Constitution, they created a republic form of government based on equality and fairness. They believed this would be most beneficial to the colonies and for ... ... middle of paper ... ...ophy...” (Document B) In the end, the founding fathers wanted to do what they felt was right for their country. Our forefathers are very important historical figures and deserve to be looked upon with honor and respect. The founding fathers were, and still are, exceptionally influential men. Several of their contributions have shaped America to the nation we know it to be today. They gave us our most imperative documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. These men also provided us with the fundamentals for our Republic and led the way to our independence from Great Britain. They committed their lives to the advancement of our nation and fought for the rights of the people. Therefore, the founding fathers should be valued for their dedication to our country and deserve a distinction of honor and reverence in today’s society.