Respect: Find Out What It Means to You

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The way many humans exploit animals for food, cosmetics, products, and medical experimentation is madness. However, there is a method to this madness; it is known as the “factory formula.” This formula is the principle underlying all factory methods and equipment; it is meant to keep costs down and manipulate animals’ productivity upward. Consequently, animals are crowded, restricted, stressed, frustrated, held in barren environments, and maintained on additive-laced, unnatural diets (Singer ed. 92). While this formula refers specifically to factory farming, the disrespectful attitude that prompts it also prompts the exploitation of animals in the laboratory. This formula proves that animals are considered a means to our benefit- a way to make a profit beneficial to humans. It sets the precedent that respect for animals may be dismissed if humans make a profit off of it. This precedent justifies animal experimentation also because profit is a product of it, i.e. many products come from it that benefit humans. While it may be that farms and animal experimentation can lead to great benefits such as food, vaccines, and new treatment methods, much of the use of animals in both ways is unnecessary and cruel. Meat is no doubt a tasty and nutritious food; it is a complete source of protein that is vital to human health. However, it is not the only source of complete protein; there are other ways to obtain it through meatless sources (Regan 337). Not to mention, many of the meat foods humans eat are not vital to our health, e.g. a McDonald’s Big Mac, which is more detrimental than beneficial. The human race does not have to become vegetarian per say, but it ought to consider how much meat it is consuming and how that meat came to be,... ... middle of paper ... ...f the entire earth. Earth’s environment needs them to maintain the ecosystems and welfare of their surroundings. Likewise, the people on this earth need them for the many things we take for granted, that is food, transportation, medicines, and many more things. Despite all the knowledge humans are so blessed with, it is most ignorant of us to abuse the resources we depend on most. We respect our parents because they gave us life and oversee our well-being. However, we are lacking respect for one who provides us with daily resources and life: Mother Nature. Furthermore just as we are called to respect our familial brothers and sisters, we ought to respect the ones with share this Earth with: animals. We ought to respect animals by treating them in the best manner possible if not because a moral obligation to animals, then by the desire to keep the human race alive.

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