Respect Essay

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Jenna walked swiftly in the crowded hallway, not looking as to where she was going. Suddenly, as she was entering the classroom, she dropped her books. Those who were closest to her, helped her pick her books up, and those who weren’t made room for people to help Jenna gather her books. This is a scenario that often occurs in John F. Kennedy Memorial High School on a daily basis. Students and faculty are all respectful of one another and their respective belongings. For this reason, the motto “Respect is the key to success” holds much truth at JFK. If one is respectful, people like you and you are able to learn much more efficiently, because there is an environment that is much better suited for learning. The past motto of JFK holds much truth and I strongly agree with it. Many people appreciate those who show respect towards them and consequently tend to gravitate towards them more often than not. A prime example of this would involve the entertainment industry. Actors and directors who are much more respectful tend to learn more because more people are willing to teach them the tri...

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