Respect And Complishments Of Thomas Edison

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Honor-Respect given to someone who is admired. Honor to me is someone or something that deserves to be respected for who they are or what they do. Many men in history are said to be honorable. A few honorable people in history include war heroes and former presidents. Many scientist are honored by many people for their great works for society. One scientist who is honored for his many inventions and achievements is Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison is a very revered and honored man because of his the many inventions. In 1877 Edison invented the first phonograph, shortly before that he had been very close to inventing the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell was able to patent the first telephone so Edison's new invention, the light bulb, is said to be the “comeback” from losing to Bell. In 1879 Edison invented the first practical incandescent electric light bulb. He made the lightbulb able for in house use by mass producing the newly improved invention. Edison bought Woodward and Evans’ patent and improved it and created the first practical centralized power system. Edison built a research lab to be the home of Edison Lighting Company. This lab was focused on developing more powering systems and lighting technology. The greatest achievement for Edison is said to be this…show more content…
I believe Thomas Edison revered. He was respected because he was admired for his many works from people across the world. Edison is honorable to me because his works definitely deserve respect. Edison was awarded rightly for his achievements. Edison changed how people were able to live in the time across the world. He “turned the lights on” for inventors across the globe. Thomas Edison honorable for his many inventions and breakthroughs in science. He is also honorable for his addition in the business world. His many awards support the fact that people honored and revered him in many ways. Thomas Edison was a very honorable
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