Respect A Character Analysis

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The Downfall of Respect: A Character Comparison
Respect – is an important positive trait of admiration and acceptance for the abilities and qualities another possesses and portrays that are of high esteem. Nowadays, the idea of respect has been lost because of opinions in the interest of oneself. The comparison of the two stories “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker and “Marriage is a Private Affair” by Chinua Achebe showed difference in settings, but similar character traits of how respect has been lost by the main characters ‘Dee’ with her mother and sister, and “Okeke’ with his son. In the story “Marriage is a Private Affair”, Okeke portrays his disgust and anger towards his son as a sign of his disapproval of his son’s marriage whose wife was
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Both stories show two contrasting settings. Okeke was an old man who lived in the rural areas of Africa and his son lived in the cosmopolitan area of the city in Lagos. In Africa, people are segregated by different tribes, which there is an indifference in culture and mindset. As a result, some tribes show flexibility while others display strict traditional values. The countryside where Okeke lived had strict traditional values where two different tribes could not marry each other: “…when it comes to marriage, its not quite so simple… is not peculiar to the Ibos” (11). This was deemed sinful and disrespectful towards their tribe’s values, which for the son’s wife it was “something of a joke that a person’s tribe could determine whom he married”…show more content…
Dee character in “Everyday Use” showed disgust and disregard to her family’s background. Her behavior portray her as being better than her mother and sister Maggie, due to her physical physique and strong literacy. Dee’s appearance was “…lighter than Maggie, with nicer hair and a fuller figure” (9). Dee uses this to her advantage to get whatever she wants. She speaks down to her family with pity and with no respect or care. Maggie was not as fortunate as Dee and struggled with self esteem. Dee’s arrival back home was of disregard to her culture, change in her name, and demands toward her family for items she wants from her mother’s home, which are save for Maggie’s marriage. Dee rudely states “Maggie can’t appreciate these quilts… She’d probably be backward enough to put them to everyday use” (65). Courage from Dee’s mom made her stand up to Dee to say no and to respect her choice and that the quilt belongs to Maggie, which was pass from generation to generation. For Okeke, wants what was best for his son which is an arranged marriage. Okeke is a controlling father who is strict with his own values and had no regards for his son’s view of whom he wants to marry. Okeke wants for his son a good stay home Christian wife regardless of knowing if there was love. Living in the rural area of Africa, Okeke has standards to uphold whilst living in his village. Okeke’s son, however rejects his father’s
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