Resisting Slavery

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Slavery in the mid-1800s was among the darkest parts of history in the United States. The majority of African Americans did not have the opportunity to live free and happy, and many more did not have the chance to witness slavery abolished for several reasons. The power that the white people thought they had over African Americans made slaves suffer and fear for their lives and their loved ones. Despite of the power of the white southern slave owners or the consequences of what their actions could bring to themselves, African Americans who were enslaved tried to resist to slavery as much as they could and in the best ways they could think of. Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl could illustrate several of the acts of resistance against slavery that occurred on this century. Many female slaves at some point in their lives suffered some kind of sexual abuse by their owners and the hate and jealousy of their wives, as mentioned by Jacobs, but many of them tried to resist to this treatment. At a certain age of maturity, most of them at fifteen, female slaves were somet...
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