Resistance to the Nazis: Annotated Bibliography

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Works Cited "10 Awesome Groups Of Germans Who Resisted The Nazis - Listverse." Listverse. Web. 12 May 2014. There were a number of groups in germany that were attempting to take down the Nazis. The Edelweiss Pirates began right before the outbreak of World War II which was comprised of teenagers from the ages 14-18. The Swing Kids began spreading the truth from the Allies to German citizens. They began non-violent protests and some went on to join a more political group like the White Rose. Johann George Elser was one of many who tried to assassinate Hitler, however he attempted this alone and in the end was executed. The European Union was a group of anti-fascist Germans who hated Nazism. They were founded in Berlin in 1939 and didn’t want to destroy the government but rather create a a unified, socialist Europe. The White Rose only operated for a short period of time from June 1942 to February 1943. They were a non-violent group made up of students who distributed pamphlets and used graffiti to sway away public opinion against the Nazis. The White Rose became very popular and were betrayed to the Nazis by a janitor at the university and the three founders were executed. This website also talks about the Solf Circle, The Catholic Church, The Rosentrasse Protest, Kreisau Circle and Red Orchestra. All of which are groups who went against the Nazis. This website contains accurate, well-researched information. It could have been slightly more elaborate on each group but the point was to give a brief description of ten groups that resisted against the Nazis. It provides enough detail to understand the basics of each groups actions before doing further research. "Holocaust Resistance: The White Rose - A Le... ... middle of paper ... ...s previously a member of the Hitler Youth but left after he was influenced the the German Youth Movement. He started questioning the Nazis and began his campaign. Since the Gestapo, also known as the secret state police, kept a close watch of so the distribution of their leaflets was very limited. Despite the execution of the White Rose leaders, a final leaflet was smuggled out of Germany and millions were air dropped over the country by Allied bombers. This website provides information on the development of the White Rose campaign, how and why it was started and detailed descriptions of their plans to stand against the Nazis. This website provides accurate information with a clear focus on the White Rose. This source is very helpful for my topic because it provides well-researched information on how the White Rose started which many of the other sites left out.

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